Natural Disasters

Our Environmental Approach to Wildfires, Floods & Other Natural Disasters

At H2, it’s our deep understanding and knowledge of the land before natural disasters occur that guides our reclamation and restoration efforts.

We have successfully reclaimed successfully reclaimed over 2.2 million acres, in 45 of the United States, from coast to coast and border to border.

This includes effective restoration and reclamation efforts from the aftermath of the Hayman Fire, Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Harvey – as well as several other lands affected by natural disasters.

Our 30+ years of successful restoration and reclamation efforts begins with our deep understanding of land, hydrology, turbidity, soil, vegetative and biological insights.

We use our proprietary analysis to enhance existing USGS data – allowing us to develop prescriptive and priority-based plans, giving us rapid focus on:

  • Areas to address first to mitigate the critical safety risks for humans, wildlife and water flow
  • Erosion and sediment mitigation to protect watershed and potable water
  • Regenerating soil fertility for proper and sustainable restoration in the precious moments after the storm
  • Areas for critical and immediate construction


  • Hazard Identification & Mitigation
  • Sediment Removal
  • Demolition & Debris Removal (On & Off-shore)
  • Erosion Control Installation & Maintenance
  • Access Roads Installation & Removal
  • Re-vegetation & Restoration of Public/Private Lands
  • Wildlife Habitat Repair
  • Noxious Vegetation Removal
  • Erosion and Land Slips
  • Compromised Streambanks
  • Lands affected by Natural Disasters
  • Noxious and Invasive Weeds


  • Civil Construction
  • Permitting & Compliance
  • Vegetation Control
  • Topsoil Salvage
  • Cleanup and Repair
  • Compaction
  • Stormwater Compliance
  • Permit Closure
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Reclamation Plans
  • Soil pH and Fertility Assessment
  • Topsoil Delineation
  • Compaction Testing
  • Optimal Seed Mixes
  • Pollinator Species Integration
  • Remote Sensing Expertise