Reclamation & Restoration Services

What is Land Reclamation and Restoration?

Land reclamation can be defined as the process of improving lands to make them suitable for a more intensive use. Land restoration, on the other hand, can be defined as the process of ecological restoration of a location to a natural landscape and habitat. In other words, we take previously disturbed lands and make them usable again. The most appropriate term is probably “environmental reclamation,” because often the work our land reclamation company does affects more than just the land we’re working on.

Without a land reclamation company, environmental impacts of construction, mining, forestry, and agricultural industries would never be mitigated. We would have massive tailings and dirt piles, and vegetation would get out of control – to name a couple of consequences. There needs to be someone in charge of cleaning up the mess of big, man-powered operations to restore our lands to what they used to be. That environmental restoration company just happens to be H2 Enterprises.

We at H2 Enterprises don’t want to waste your time. Our employees are highly trained, innovative, and most importantly, efficient. Our state-of-the-art tools and equipment are custom-built to cater to any reclamation need. Our services range from small-scale operations like mulching and fencing, to high-investment operations like right of way reclamation.

Right of Way Reclamation

Unmatched Right of Way Reclamation Throughout the U.S.

What was once a small land reclamation operation by a family in northern Colorado, is now a large-scale seeding and land reclamation service that operates throughout the United States. We’ve worked with various pipeline contractors, Federal and State land agencies, and landowners, which has only helped to refine our skills.

Topsoil Restoration and Preservation

We reclaim thousands of acres per year and continually work on projects with various government entities, pipeline contractors and development groups. Before every project, we make sure to have a written plan that includes everything we must to accomplish. We never begin a job without specific guidelines. If we deem the land around the well operational, then we will begin the revegetation process, defined as replanting and rebuilding the soil of disturbed land.

Streambank Reclamation

We’ve found that some cases of river restoration require more attention than others, and this depends on how the stream is performing in its current state. In some cases, the stream only needs to be stabilized – meaning it’s intact but not performing to its highest capability. In a case like this, we’d probably use small-scale ripraps. In a more severe case, we’d have to adjust the formation of the stream itself.

Stream Bank Restoration Techniques Applied by Restoration Professionals

In cases that call for a little more manpower than simply riprapping, there are other methods at our disposal. The use of J-hooks, log vanes and step pools, are just a few of these other methods. When we are planning adjustments to riverbeds and streams, we consider the current state of the biological environment and determine what the best course of action is for that specific stream. Although riprapping may work in a particular setting, it might not be the best option for another.

Slip, Slope & Landside Stabilization & Restoration

We’ve been in the land restoration business long enough to know what areas are more susceptible to rockslides and landslides. Through experience and our analytics, we can identify areas that are in danger of serious landslides, allowing the slope stabilization process to begin before it becomes a problem. We don’t want to have to clean up piles of rock debris if we can prevent it from becoming a problem. If you’re worried about living in an area with large, rocky slopes, don’t hesitate to give the pros at H2 Enterprises a call to see how we can mitigate the risk of something catastrophic.

Erosion Control

Rill Erosion can be detrimental to crops or sacred landscapes. It forms when large amounts of water on the surface transform into deeper, faster-flowing channels. These channels split up the land and tear apart important soil particles. H2 Enterprises has the means and the knowledge to achieve effective rill erosion control, allowing your crops to flourish again. Coming from a farming background, we understand the importance of topsoil in creating long lasting vegetation.

Invasive Species Management

Invasive species management is a crucial part of protecting lands. Our staff has all the knowledge needed to be able to assist nature in staying protected from factors that could mess up the balance of the ecosystem. It is our goal to keep the environment in a stable, flourishing condition, and we work hard to find and maintain that equilibrium. H2 Enterprises makes life easier by making invasive species management as easy and simple as picking up your phone and calling us.

Wetland Restoration, Preservation and Reclamation

Here at H2 Enterprises, we know how important wetland restoration work is for the ecosystem. Wetlands improve our water quality and provide habitats for fish and other water-based wildlife. Wetland restoration is also important to prevent flooding, as they serve as a watershed and can also help keep the effects of coastal storm surges at bay. Because of what a vital piece of land they are, we take wetland protection very seriously.

Forest Clearing, Restoration & Reclamation

H2 Enterprises is committed to forest clearing. Our company knows that the service allows everyone the opportunity to utilize the country’s great lands. In the past, much of the forest clearing that occurred was very destructive and without regard for the land, and there are some bad connotations connected to the act. However, here at H2 Enterprises, we do forest clearing as a precursor to forest restoration, and we strive to do both with the same excellence we’ve cultivated since our inception in 1985.

Environmental Restoration, Preservation & Reclamation

When the earth becomes damaged, degraded, or destroyed, it’s up to us as humans to clean up the mess. We know that sounds like a big task and responsibility to take on, and it is, but we will do it for you and make sure it is done right. H2 Enterprises specializes in environmental restoration that yields tangible results and is completed in a safety-conscious manner. We take the wellness of the earth very seriously and work hard to revitalize it at clients’ properties as part of environmental reclamation projects. We are a professional company that has a track record of zero accidents and plenty of happy customers.

Mine Reclamation & Restoration

Without proper mine reclamation, we’re not only putting ourselves at risk, but the thousands of other species that inhabit our environment. Tailings, often referred to as mining dumps, are what’s left over after all the valuable resources are extracted from an ore. These tailings often contain heavy metals that have no economic value but are very harmful to aquatic life. Our land reclamation work includes stabilizing these tailings and planting new, fertile soil that saves streams, and preserves fish habitats.