H2 Core Values


Zero is typically a bad result. But not when it comes to safety.

We work hard to build and maintain a safety culture. We have intensive safety training for our employees and contractors and an expansive program for developing skills and professional training.

Knowing what needs done and how best to accomplish it is essential for positive results, and it’s integral to our safe work environment.

When it comes to safety, we believe in employee empowerment. Every one of our crew members has the power to stop work if they feel that safety requires it, even if it’s their first day on a job. This is what builds our safety culture and our exemplary safety records.

The well-being of every person is our top priority. By maintaining strict safety standards, our employees are productive, happy and healthy – and this naturally transfers to our client’s maintain reputations and profits.


For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Here at Huwa, we truly believe in accountability for our actions. When we do or say something, we take responsibility for it.

This is what drives our success. When there is no accountability, there’s no follow-through. Things can fall apart, and results are not as positive. When we are held accountable, we all step it up a notch. We strive to keep our commitments. We make better decisions. We are more thorough about what we promise, and we produce better results.

We want you, our client, to have confidence in us. To know that we mean what we say – and we want you to see the great results from us holding ourselves accountable.


No man is an island. No company is either.

Having a successful project completion requires teamwork and mutual commitment. We are committed to our co-worker’s success – personally, and professionally. We strive to give them all the training, tools, equipment and resources they need to be skillful, efficient and do the work of an experienced craftsmen.

Naturally, the success of our vendors means our success. We want to provide our vendors with all the information and access they require to accomplish their functions to the same level, as we feel they are a direct member of our team.

We are committed to our clients’ project success, profitability, and company development. We strive to see the big picture – knowing how each project relates to your overall brand, business objectives and legacy. Our commitment to you is that of your partner-in-success.


Here at H2, we honor and cherish our families. We are just like any other family here in America. We have our good times and we have our challenges.

If you want to see our family on reality TV, check out Cash Cowboys. That’s who we are. Family means so much to us, we also honor the families of our employees and clients. When family emergencies arise, we understand. When our employees need to relocate for a job, we do our best to accommodate their family needs.

Our great nation needs to maintain its family values. We want to do our part in promoting family time and family fun. And we love working with clients that also honor and cherish their families.


Respect is like oil in an engine. All the parts glide smoothly together, without abrasiveness and overheating.

Each part can successfully perform its function. That’s what respect does for H2 as well. We respect all our team members. They all play a vital function in any restoration or land preparation job. We also interact with neighbors, regulatory enforcers, and other third parties. Respect of everyone in and around a job calms down any friction and makes the job go much smoother.

Respect for ourselves means that we always do things we feel right about – that we can stamp our name on. Our self-respect motivates us to do things right and take pride in our work.

We also greatly respect our clients who have given us the opportunity to grow into being the nation’s top reclamation and land-works company. From what we’ve seen, our clients are just like us; good people earning a decent living and contributing positively to our communities and building the
backbone of our Nation.


It’s not just H2 that drives our great results. We share responsibility and credit for our success, as it is driven by our great people, all our teammates. While we started the company and do our part in keeping it successful, it’s our employees that are out there on the front-lines day after day. We owe our success to them.

We also owe it to you, our great clients that we get the opportunity to work with. It takes a mutual dedication to do things right. And you know your business, your land, and your challenges much better than we do. So we are very happy to work, in unison, with you. Only through this mutual dedication to the end goals and collaboration, will the job reach its full potential.


One of our nation’s founding fathers, George Washington once said, “It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.”

Integrity is sadly missing in much of modern society. People say whatever they think will cover up their errors, or to get their way. We’ve been trained by a politically polarized environment where we really can’t know exactly what’s true or made up. Where news outlets are bent toward one party, or the other.

We at H2 feel that we must uphold the truth. It’s not always easy, when something negative happens on the job or when unexpected delays and challenges occur. Sometimes it may be easier to follow the modern beat and make something up that might make us look better.

But that’s not what we do. Integrity matters to us. And we know it matters to you. That’s why we strive to always act honestly, without compromising the truth. In the long run, this action normally equates to more efficient and effective results.


Did you know that honeybees do a little dance to communicate? They tell each other where the pollen is and together have a great harvest of honey.

We are no different. Ok, maybe our communication methods are a little different. But we still need great communication to complete a successful project. This is true, both inside our company walls and outside.

Not every job goes as smooth as we would like. When hiccups or challenges arise, we invite open and honest communication from our employees. And we know that you, our clients, also would like that communication from us. We always encourage this frank communication in our company. And we are happy to have clients, like you, that also thrive on good communication.